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Demand an Alternative!

According to the National Abstinence Education Association, there are now 22 abstinence education curricula which have been demonstrated to be effective in peer-reviewed studies. Among them, Game Plan, Aspire, Choosing the Best, and WAIT Training are the most commonly used, and all were shown to have a significant effect in delaying sexual initiation among students. Other programs, like Healthy Respect and Long Island Teen Freedom, have been developed and found effective in the New York area, including within the city. The NAEA has a great fact sheet addressing common misunderstandings about abstinence-centered education available here.

There are curricula proven to delay sexual debut--the universally-acknowledged primary goal of sex education. The curricula content is not offensive to parents, unlike the content of the City’s recommended curricula. So, why can’t New York parents choose one of these programs as an alternative, providing their children with needed information and encouraging them to make the healthiest decisions? When you contact your principal, the Chancellor, and the Mayor, be sure to let them know that while you want to opt your child out of the mandated curricula, you don’t want him or her sitting in the hall. Sign our petition demanding an alternative here.

Tell the Mayor that you would welcome a program that promoted self-control, personal responsibility, and thoughtful planning for the future. New York City’s parents and children deserve an abstinence-first program as an alternative to the condom-based, ideologically driven curricula mandated by the city.

Here is a sample letter you could use:

Dear Mayor Bloomberg [or Chancellor Walcott],


As a parent of an NYC Public Schools student, I am writing to express my strong opposition to your sex education mandate in its current form. While I agree with the goals of your mandate, namely the reduction of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections among teens, I find the material in the curricula offensive. I, and many other parents, would prefer an alternative program which focuses on abstinence as the healthiest choice and encourages children to wait at least until they are adults before becoming sexually active. I will be opting my children out of all sex education classes until an alternative evidence-based program in line with common sense and my personal beliefs is allowed under the mandate.







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