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How Bad Is It?

Update: The New York City Department of Education recently notified us that it has a city-wide policy prohibiting condom demonstrations in the classroom. While the curricula the City uses include condom demonstrations, the City does not follow the curricula on this point. For this reason, we have taken down the condom demonstration videos which were previously posted on this page.


Do you want your ninth grader cataloging the condom brands at the local drug store? Do you want her visiting a local reproductive health clinic? Do you want your fourteen year old watching a teacher putting a condom on a model penis? Do you want your sixth grader visiting If you aren’t sure what you think about the Department of Education’s recommended curricula, take a look at these examples.  You can also view Dr. Miriam Grossman's complete report on the recommended curricula here.


Homework assignments from the high school curriculum:

HW1 lgHW2 lg



Some excerpts from Go Ask Alice, a recommended resource in the middle school curriculum (Health Facts, p. 181):, retrieved September 5, 2011:

"Dear Reader,

Phone sex is no laughing matter to many couples who, for job, school, military, and/or other reasons, can't be intimate in person. Tele-fooling around can be a relationship-saver, and gives new meaning to the term ‘hotline.’", retrieved September 5, 2011:

"Dear Foot Worshiper

No, you are not a freak. Thousands of people are turned on by feet. Look at Marla Maples' manager! And is Imelda Marcos far behind (although fetishes are rarely ascribed to women!)? … There are all kinds of magazines and catalogues that cater to feet and shoes. Why not enjoy your fetish?", retreived on September 6, 2011:

"A working definition for homophobia is the irrational fear and subsequent discrimination and/or hatred of non-heterosexual persons, including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, questioning, or queer people and sexual non-conformists. That being said, homophobia encompasses a wide range of viewpoints and attitudes, and manifests differently in different people. While there is no one known cause of homophobia, research has shown that having strong religious beliefs disapproving of sex and/or homosexuality and having little or no contact with lesbian and gay people can negatively influence a person's attitudes towards homosexuals.", retrieved September 5, 2011:

"A commercial party house is more commonly called a swing club. Swing clubs are businesses that provide an environment for partners to have sex with each other, with someone else, with many people, with partner swapping, and even have solo sex. Swing clubs are located in most major cities. In New York City, for example, swing clubs cater to people of all sexual orientations and genders, and to those into S&M (public or private). Some have Asian spa environments and some have dancing. Listings of clubs usually can be found in sex books, alternative newspapers such as The Village Voice, and alternate lifestyle magazines. Most swing club regulars tend to be older; however, it is common to find younger participants, too.", retrieved September 5, 2011:

“Individual film stars will likely change over time, but the genre of hot, consensual erotica has become a force to be reckoned with as a counterpart to the mainstream pornography industry. Female directors and producers have taken the reigns to produce quality, smokin' hot flicks featuring women and men in equal positions. You might get your feet wet with some of the more famous female porn directors and their production companies. Femme Productions, a well-seated production company whose flicks (mostly directed by Candida Royalle) that are shot from a woman's perspective, could be a good starting point."


As you can see, you don’t need to be overly traditional in your mores and values to find much of this material offensive. And remember, this kind of sex education is now mandatory in New York City public schools.  Check out Dr. Grossman's complete report here.


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