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NYC Parents' Choice Coalition Blog

By Michael Benjamin

Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued his openness to premature sexual activity by adolescents by publicly airing his disagreement with HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' decision to place age-limits on the availability of Plan B One-Step, the so-called "morning-after" contraceptive, to minor girls. Mayor Bloomberg said, “We’ve had many, too many, unwed births in this country. It would be much better if these young girls didn’t get pregnant.” Others would argue that it would be better if these young girls didn't get engage in sexual intercourse in the first place.

Over the counter access to Plan B One-Step, as Mayor Bloomberg and his Planned Parenthood allies prefer would enable sexually active girls as young as 11 to "self-abort" after unprotected sex. But Plan B would not protect against STDs, STIs or HIV/AIDS. "We do, in the city, a lot to try to teach people and inform them of the consequences of being parents and the responsibilities and it would be much better if young girls didn’t get pregnant, but once that happens, I think that this should be available to anybody," Bloomberg said.

In the above statement, Mayor Bloomberg seems to endorse using Plan B as a post-coital contraceptive. I think he's advocating that once young teenagers have sexual intercourse, they should freely avail themselves of the "morning-after" pill. So what's to stop pre-adolescents and adolescents from having sex, if consequences, other than an STI, can be washed away with a pill?

And is he admitting that distributing 40 million free NYC condoms every year isn’t working?

On this one, New Yorkers should trust the prudent judgment of President Obama and Secretary Sebelius. And you should contact Mayor Bloomberg to urge him to withdraw his one-size-fits-all sexuality education mandate in favor of permitting parents to opt their children into an abstinence-centered sex education curriculum.

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